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We ran ghost fu this morning. It went really, really well. The players were mostly having a blast, and the GMs may have been having more of one. Some of us are still riiding the buzz.

Wasn't perfect. There were things that could've been better. The combat system was very solid given the amount of playtesting it hadn't had, though it could use some streamlining.

We'll probably try running it at CUGC at some point.
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I've been planning to get a new computer for a while; I've been waiting for Apple to update the MacBook Pros before buying.

A while back, when we were struggling to get enough computers in one place so we could all work on the LARP in parallel, I predicted that Apple would release the new MacBook Pros just in time for my new computer to be no help whatsoever.

And lo and behold...

Even if I were to walk into an Apple store on the way to our meeting tonight and walked out with a new MBP, it really wouldn't be any use.
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We did our big writing crunch for the game we're working on. All the character are more-or-less done, which is the big part.

I think just about everything left is technical (writing documentation, formatting) and logistical (printing, stuffing).

We run this coming Saturday. I'm feeling a lot more confiddent than I was Friday.

Also, after an 11-hour writing session, my brain is oozing out of my ears.


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