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Polaris isnlt exactly a role-playing game -- it's more a negotiated storytelling game. Normally, it's the game of tragically doomed prettyboys at the North Pole. (More accurately, knights fighting to defend society from the encroachment of the demons of summer, ultimately doomed to either die or betray their people.)

For this session, we were instead in a science fiction setting, eventually defined as a posthuman society, living in Dyson Spheres, and fighting against an incursion from dark matter beings from another dimension, absorbing the galaxy into a black hole.

This exchange probably best sums up the way things went:

"I'll take over all the AIs, replacing their minds with my own."

"But only if the enemy (who had provided some of the tools needed) end up with a back door into your mind."

"You ask far too much."

"OK. How about: but only if, during the takeover, life support fails throughout civilization, kiling 95% of the biological population."

"Sounds good."
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This was my first Origins ever where I wasn't running anything. It was weird having the opportunity to plan my schedule in advance. (Not that I did, but it's the principle of the thing.)

I think this may have been more tiring, but also more fun.

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There are obvious ways that having a cold, even a mild one like mine, can suck when going to a con -- ear pain on the flight, scratchy throat, etc.

Now here's a new one for the list: this evening, it could have killed my character.


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