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And here we are at the end of my Shadowfist fiction, about 47,000 words total, 17,000 of which are the CS story. I don't plan to write any more of it, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. (The fact that I left a seed for the Empire of Evil story should be ignored.)

I'm posting this now because it's short -- it could've been left in the last full chapter, but I think it works better as an epilogue.

Critical Shift: Aftermath )
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This chapter of CS is the third-longest thing I've written for Shadowfist. (Fourth, if you count the OmniFAQ, but that's a very different beast.)

It contains the only scene I knew was going to be in the second half of CS before I started working on it again, and even then, I wasn't completely sure of the exact motivations. (It's the last one.)

Critical Shift: Apocalypse )
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In which some things finally get explained.

This is the shortest of the final three chapters, and the first section with Rei and Song is the one that I wanted in chapter four, but just couldn't fit it into the chapter's structure.

Critical Shift: Revelations )
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This is the first truly new bit of fiction I wrote. The TFT Dragon frame was new, but it pretty much followed along how I planned it out way back when.

The second half of the Critical Shift story, on the other hand, was much vaguer in my head. I had some idea how it ended, but not the details, and everything in between was uncertain.

This is certainly not the story I would have written back then. A number of elements are just things I wouldn't have thought about using, or wouldn't have been comfortable with.

It's also a lot longer than the previous chapters. The first three combined are about as long as the fourth, and there was a section that was going to be in this chapter, but I ended up bumping to five for a variety of reasons, mostly pacing. I don't know if the length is because the plot really starts moving forward here, or because I'm writing differently.

It was a bit tricky to get started on this one. I eventually just started writing what ended up being the first scene, realized what the chapter title was, and everything started rolling from there.

Critical Shift: Compromises )
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Blame [personal profile] ladymondegreen for this one. The first half-dozen or so paragraphs existed. I knew more-or-less what happened after, I'd just been a bit unhappy with my start, and been unsure how to revise them. (I ended up not making any notable changes.)

Then she went and encouraged me. Not only have I finished this one, but I also started writing more of the Critical Shift story in my head before I was done with this.

Anyway, this one's weightier than the Ascended frame, because the Ascended were unaware of what was really going on, whereas the Dragons, since they're the heroes, are in the thick of it.

The sheer number of characters gets awkward at times. It might've been easier if the five McGuffin-hunt stories existed, since I could farm off character work to them. As it is, a lot of them get no real foreground time. I'm not happy with that, but the hoops I'd've had to jump through to even introduce them properly proved awkward as hell.

It also makes inserting the card images trickier than normal. (Especially since things render differently in every single browser I've tried.)
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