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Here are the card sets from this year's Dominion tournament at Dexcon. (Which I won.) I'm interested in how other people would have played them. (I didn't record the kingdom in the qualifying round, but could probably recall most of it if anybody cares; it was all-Intrigue. (Great Hall?, Masquerade, Shanty Town, Wishing Well, Bridge, Coppersmith, Duke, Torturer, Tribute, Harem.))

They were not fully random; the organizers at least filtered them for interestingness, and I believe the finals set was actually constructed, or at least adjusted from a random set.

Card texts behind a cut, because some of you don't care.

All games are four players.

I'll explain how I played and why in the comments, if anybody wants me to.

The semifinals were Intrigue and Seaside )
The finals potentially drew from everything, or possibly everything not used in previous rounds )
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...but I still have to bow before this guy's skills:

How to implement a Turing Machine in Magic the Gathering.

(I don't think it's possible to do the same in Shadowfist -- no way to implement the tape, either in play or in the stack.)
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I'm selling off my Magic cards next week, (I have about 10,000 cards by my rough estimates), and the process of sorting all my cards left me feeling somewhat nostalgic.

I played for about ten years, from Beta in 1993 to Scourge in 2003. For the last couple of years, I was only playing in prerelease tournaments, due to the combination of the decline of the regular Sunday tournament at my local store and the fact that I wasn't buying many cards any more made it hard to stay competitive. I was also working on Shadowfist at the time, which required the same sort of mental energy that Magic does.

I don't regret the time or money I spent. (It's even possible I'll make a profit selling my cards, but I doubt it, and can't really tell anyway.) I had fun. I was good, but not great. The fact that I was never spending that much money on cards and refused to buy singles made me an eccentric deckbuilder, never playing the standard archetypes of the time. I like to think that if I'd gotten serious about it, I could've competed at high levels. That might've happened if I'd stayed in Pittsburgh, where I was friends with somebody who later became a regular on the pro tour. Then again, it might not have; I wasn't that active a player back then, and didn't play Magic with Erik much.

Most importantly, if I hadn't played Magic, I'd likely never have played Shadowfist, and that would have been a huge change. Through Fist, I met [livejournal.com profile] mnemex, and through him, directly or indirectly, I met most of the people on my friends list here.
more reminiscence behind the cut... )

New Shiny!

Sep. 16th, 2010 05:00 pm
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I finally picked up an iPhone 4 on tuesday. Once I swap over my phone number today, I'll have fully retired the Sidekick. (Though not the userpic.)

So far, it's pretty good. The screen's gorgeous, and the camera looks impressive. I'll miss the keyboard a lot, and prefer the Sidekick's email and IM programs, but at least I have options for IM software, and maybe email as well. I'm also worried about battery life — I'm down to 69% after about 70 minutes of active use. (Plus a lot more on standby.) It could also be accurate reporting, as opposed to the way the Sidekick's percentage would start dropping faster and faster as it neared empty.

I also bridge all three if the antenna gaps when holding it naturally, so my free case cannot arrive soon enough. :)

I also have the ability to make my own ringtones again, so I'm taking requests: if you want a specific song and have at least some chance of ever calling me on the phone, make your request here, and I'll consider it.

Of course, with the huge lack of overlap between my musical tastes and those of most of my friends, this probably isn't going to work, but you never know.

(Currently, I'm using Black Sabbath's Paranoid as my main ringtones.)
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I've been playing a lot of Dominion lately. (Shocking, I know.)

We've been playing locally with a variant where, when the game ends, you still finish the round, so everybody gets the same number of turns. This reduces the advantage of going first.

Another idea to make things fairer is to mandate the 3-4 money split in the first two rounds. The 5-2 is usually way stronger, and it's pure luck.

(It would also be a handicapping method -- give the stronger players 3-4s, and the weaker 5-2s.)
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Been a while since I posted here. I blame Facebook. It's so much easier to toss out a quick status update than to write something that feels worth posting to LJ.

Anyway, Origins )

All in all, a good con, with no significant low points other than my inability to operate the Board Room. I spent more time in the Looney Labs room this year, and played no Shadowfist. (The only event I was willing to play and had a deck for clashed with Icehouse.)
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My bookmarks list is full of lots of clutter, some of which is organized into folders, so I don't see exactly how much crap I've bookmarked over the years.

I was bookmarking a web site that has patches for some of the old Ultima games so they can actually work on fast machines. (Also improving the graphics and music.)

When the Add Bookmark dialog came up, it was defaulting to the last folder I added a bookmark to, which was "Avatar builders".
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Reminded by a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] ladymondegreen the other day, I thought to get around to checking on the status of Cliff Johnson's The Fool and His Money.

It was announced in the closing credits of The Fool's Errand, released in 1987. The website says it's in final beta testing.

Having enjoyed both the original and 3 in Three, I'm probably going to get it when it comes out.
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We'll be at Intercon in a week, where we're running two LARPs.

One of them isn't yet written. Yeah; it's mostly written, but I don't think it's as finished as Ghost Fu was at this point last year, and that one was finished at close to the last minute. (Though, to be fair, Ghost Fu had a lot more components to generate.)
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Did I need my own domain? Not really.

Will it be useful? Yeah. Wikis, mailing lists, non-isp web space, source-control repositories, etc. If LJ folds I can host a blog there.

It was, at least, pretty cheap. The host has a special offer that comes to $4.44 a month.

Bonus points for anybody who isn't [livejournal.com profile] mnemex who guesses the domain (It's in .org)


Nov. 16th, 2008 02:06 am
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Audacity is well-documented enough that I seem to be able to operate it. I'm currently doing a test-run on an album I've already got on CD.

Once this is done, I'll hack it up into tracks, then throw it all away and start again with a non-scratch monkey.

Edit: And the noise removal tool seems to do a good job on tape hiss without me having to fiddle with settings I don't understand. The "attempt to mark track separations" tool got kind of confused by Stairway to Heaven, though.
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It's where you go to post things like this:

I've mustered enough energy to go to bed, where I may dream more dreams combining politics and rock band.
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This was my first Origins ever where I wasn't running anything. It was weird having the opportunity to plan my schedule in advance. (Not that I did, but it's the principle of the thing.)

I think this may have been more tiring, but also more fun.

Long )
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I just got a new bag which can fit my computer.

In one of its compartments, it's got two little pockets for holding your PDAs, MP3 players, and the like. I have both, so what immediately got stashed in one pocket?

My Set deck.

I know where my priorities are.
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Since I forgot to copy my new music onto my iPod until I was packing in a hurry, I just threw the cable in my bag, and synced while I was on the bus.

I now know two things I didn't know before:

  1. There isn't really enough room to use a 17" MacBook Pro while sitting on a NJ Transit bus. (Shocking, I know.)
  2. From the middle of the street, you can pick up a lot of wireless networks. (Seven, in my case, about half running without security.)

The latter makes me wonder if it would be possible to run an internet connection while in motion by having your machine auto-hop from one network to the next, or whether the constant transition from one NAT device to another makes this impossible.

It also makes me wonder if global ad-hoc mesh networking is already possible in dense suburbia.

And, for the NIN fans on my friends list (all maybe one of you), The Slip is ok so far. Worth the download if you're a fan. Probably not the best intro if you don't know them already.


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