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My friend Larry would sometimes bring this to the home bridge game I play in, and it was always incredibly popular. (One of the regulars loves it so much that Larry would bring a second pan just for him to take home.)

At some point, I asked Larry for the recipe and he sent me a link to the original source. I could dig the link up if I wanted to, but I’m not going to; as far as I’m concerned, it’s Larry’s cake recipe.

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Larry passed away suddenly this past Wednesday, right before I was going to see him at Dexcon.
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I just fixed all the image links in the Fist fiction. (Except for one where the card image doesn't exist where it should.)

This was slowed some by rereading.

I really should get back to writing.
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I'm currently importing my LJ.

I'll be adding the DW accounts that I can find, but if you've changed from your LJ account name, let me know.
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I’ve set up jl8e.dreamwidth.org, and am currently importing my LJ.

I’m not planning to delete this, as there are things here (mostly the Shadowfist fiction) that people may be keeping links to, but I won’t be crossposting to here. (And I post so often.)

If you think I should have friended you on DW, but I haven’t, let me know.
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So, I currently seem to be using this LJ as a place to put recipes when asked for them.

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Feb. 12th, 2014 12:55 am
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I was asked for a recipe link over on FB when I posted a photo. This requires having a recipe to link to.

The way I do things is that I have a generic cookie base, and I mess around with the stuff that goes into the it.

(Slightly adapted from Joy of Cooking; the edition that tells you useful things like how to skin a squirrel.)
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Here are the card sets from this year's Dominion tournament at Dexcon. (Which I won.) I'm interested in how other people would have played them. (I didn't record the kingdom in the qualifying round, but could probably recall most of it if anybody cares; it was all-Intrigue. (Great Hall?, Masquerade, Shanty Town, Wishing Well, Bridge, Coppersmith, Duke, Torturer, Tribute, Harem.))

They were not fully random; the organizers at least filtered them for interestingness, and I believe the finals set was actually constructed, or at least adjusted from a random set.

Card texts behind a cut, because some of you don't care.

All games are four players.

I'll explain how I played and why in the comments, if anybody wants me to.

The semifinals were Intrigue and Seaside )
The finals potentially drew from everything, or possibly everything not used in previous rounds )
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...but I still have to bow before this guy's skills:

How to implement a Turing Machine in Magic the Gathering.

(I don't think it's possible to do the same in Shadowfist -- no way to implement the tape, either in play or in the stack.)
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Here's the setup for the finals of the Dexcon tournament.

How would you plan to play them with a 3-4 money split?

(And yes, there's inevitably some things you do to react to your opponents and your actual draws. I'm just looking for general plans.)
card texts hidden to spare those of you who don't care... )
Bonus points if you can guess which one of these ten cards was never bought by anybody at the table.
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A while back, I decided to go through my music collection and make a playlist of my top ten favorite songs, with only one song from each artist.

These are the songs I decided were my absolute favorites at the time I made the list. Some of them could be replaced with other songs, likely by the same artist. Odds are that if I made the list today, it'd be similar.

Because I feel like it, I'm sharing them with the world. (Or at least the small subset that reads my LJ.)

In no particular order:
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I'm selling off my Magic cards next week, (I have about 10,000 cards by my rough estimates), and the process of sorting all my cards left me feeling somewhat nostalgic.

I played for about ten years, from Beta in 1993 to Scourge in 2003. For the last couple of years, I was only playing in prerelease tournaments, due to the combination of the decline of the regular Sunday tournament at my local store and the fact that I wasn't buying many cards any more made it hard to stay competitive. I was also working on Shadowfist at the time, which required the same sort of mental energy that Magic does.

I don't regret the time or money I spent. (It's even possible I'll make a profit selling my cards, but I doubt it, and can't really tell anyway.) I had fun. I was good, but not great. The fact that I was never spending that much money on cards and refused to buy singles made me an eccentric deckbuilder, never playing the standard archetypes of the time. I like to think that if I'd gotten serious about it, I could've competed at high levels. That might've happened if I'd stayed in Pittsburgh, where I was friends with somebody who later became a regular on the pro tour. Then again, it might not have; I wasn't that active a player back then, and didn't play Magic with Erik much.

Most importantly, if I hadn't played Magic, I'd likely never have played Shadowfist, and that would have been a huge change. Through Fist, I met [livejournal.com profile] mnemex, and through him, directly or indirectly, I met most of the people on my friends list here.
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...helping them move a body would have been far easier.
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And here we are at the end of my Shadowfist fiction, about 47,000 words total, 17,000 of which are the CS story. I don't plan to write any more of it, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. (The fact that I left a seed for the Empire of Evil story should be ignored.)

I'm posting this now because it's short -- it could've been left in the last full chapter, but I think it works better as an epilogue.

Critical Shift: Aftermath )
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This chapter of CS is the third-longest thing I've written for Shadowfist. (Fourth, if you count the OmniFAQ, but that's a very different beast.)

It contains the only scene I knew was going to be in the second half of CS before I started working on it again, and even then, I wasn't completely sure of the exact motivations. (It's the last one.)

Critical Shift: Apocalypse )
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In which some things finally get explained.

This is the shortest of the final three chapters, and the first section with Rei and Song is the one that I wanted in chapter four, but just couldn't fit it into the chapter's structure.

Critical Shift: Revelations )
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This is the first truly new bit of fiction I wrote. The TFT Dragon frame was new, but it pretty much followed along how I planned it out way back when.

The second half of the Critical Shift story, on the other hand, was much vaguer in my head. I had some idea how it ended, but not the details, and everything in between was uncertain.

This is certainly not the story I would have written back then. A number of elements are just things I wouldn't have thought about using, or wouldn't have been comfortable with.

It's also a lot longer than the previous chapters. The first three combined are about as long as the fourth, and there was a section that was going to be in this chapter, but I ended up bumping to five for a variety of reasons, mostly pacing. I don't know if the length is because the plot really starts moving forward here, or because I'm writing differently.

It was a bit tricky to get started on this one. I eventually just started writing what ended up being the first scene, realized what the chapter title was, and everything started rolling from there.

Critical Shift: Compromises )
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In a conversation with my sister that was spawned by the fact that On Stranger Tides is being sold in grocery stores, I came up with the idea of other movie franchises deciding to "adapt" Tim Powers novels.

  • Ocean's 11+n: Last Call
  • Twilight: The Stress of Her Regard

(That last one is my sister's fault.)
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This was the last piece of the story I wrote back in the day. It and chapter two each picked up a segment while I was working on the second half, but they're mostly old work.

It sort of links to the other main story of the Critical Shift set, which is how the Ascended are dealing with the changes. (Hint: Not well.) That story wasn't really planned to be written, and I am not listening to the little voice in my head that is telling me to write it.

Critical Shift: Bargains )
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The Critical Shift story is done in primary writing, and mostly done in revision. I'm not posting it all now to keep from overflowing people's friend lists, but expect a chapter every twoish days until it's done. (There may be delays due to internet problems at home.)

I didn't mean to wait so long between posting the first chapter and the second, but I was shorter on time than usual this past week.

Critical Shift: Rebirth )
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Now, on to the last of the fiction I had lying around in some form.

Starters just weren't financially feasible at the time, so Critical Shift was another booster set.

The story was to establish the Syndicate and their world. I had tentatively broken it up into six sections, but only wrote the first three before I either bogged down or got distracted by other stuff that needed doing.

This is the only one of those three sections that didn't have anything significant added when I was finishing up, and I feel confident enough that I won't need to add anything that I'm willing to start posting. (I haven't finished the final section, but all the plot's in place, with only some minor segments left to add.)

Critical Shift: Genesis )


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