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So, I had to replace my hard disk a while back.

This requires reinstalling all the various and sundry software I use that doesn't come standard with the thing. Because I'm lazy^H^H^H^Hefficient, I've been doing a lot of this on an as-needed basis. After all, if I don't ever need something, why bother having it installed?

So recently I got around to installing MySQL and reloading my databases from the backup dump. Should be simple, right?


Well, actually, the install was easy. So was the restore.

I then spent a considerable amount of time persuading it to let me authenticate from the command line. I eventually beat it into submission, but I'm not entirely sure how.

Today, I downloaded and installed the Perl modules that let me speak to MySQL from a script.

That went smoothly enough, except that the compile of DBD::mysql wants to run a bunch of tests as the mysql root, and wants there to be no password for this. (Why doesn't it ask for the password? Because that would make sense.)

No problem. Unset the password, run the build, and set it again.

And lo, we have the same problems.

However, the normal user accounts were working, and the process of stopping and starting the server was getting annoying, so I decided to muddle by for now, and rant about it on LJ.

Then, while writing this rant, I had an inspiration - I'd set the password from the command line, and it contains some shell metacharacters, so some backslashes had been inserted.

Try the password with some backslashes, and lo, I'm in.

So why is this still an "I hate software" post, rather than an "I'm dumb" post?


jl8e$ echo "!"
-bash: !: event not found
jl8e$ echo "\!"

(Yes, it works right in single quotes, but that's indescribably stupid behavior.)
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... or little minds. In any event, is it too much to ask for some consistency in the way my cell phone functions?

I've got a v360. Overall, it seems to be a pretty good phone. It's certainly the best phone I've ever owned. (Duh) The camera's crap, but I don't care that much. I only got a camera because I wanted Bluetooth, and couldn't get it without a camera. Anyway, I suspect all cell phone cameras are crap.

However, there are some thing about it that just make me a bit crazy, mostly because anybody with even half a clue should have known better:

It lets me customize the noises it makes for various types of events. Except for the instant messenger client. The AIM client has only two options for sound - on and off. If the phone is in vibrate mode, it'll vibrate instead of bleeping. In the combined vibe and ring modes, it just bleeps.

When you plug the phone in to recharge, whatever ring mode it was in is changed to "Loud". (It changes back when you unplug it.) Presumably the theory is that the phone may not be close to you when charging, and you may want to hear it. (I haven't checked whether 'silent' or 'soft' actually change.)

However, as I discovered this morning, the alarm clock function in the phone will helpfully not play its alarms while the phone is plugged in. Unlike the ring-mode changing, it doesn't even warn you about this. Presumably, the theory is that the phone's programmers are idiots.

Consistency in user-interface and modes of operation. It's not just a good idea.


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